Young Invincibles

Young Invincibles’ mission is to amplify the voices of young adults in the political process and expand economic opportunity for our generation.

YI is a national nonpartisan research and advocacy organization focusing on four key policy areas across our federal and state policy work: health care, higher education, workforce, and civic engagement. We are committed to expanding economic opportunity for young adults ages 18 to 34 and making sure that our perspective is heard wherever decisions about our collective future are being made. Our regional offices in California, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, and New York have increased grant aid for low-income college students, expanded funding for community colleges, and ensured undocumented students can access in-state tuition.

YI trains young adults ages 18 to 34 who have low income and have had less power or privilege, specifically people of color and low-income young adults, in advocating for policy change to improve their lives and communities.

Young Invincibles believes that young people can help correct the course of higher education and works with them to elevate their concerns about college affordability, student loan debt, and other equity-centering issues.

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