University Innovation Alliance

The University Innovation Alliance (UIA) is the ground-breaking national alliance of public research universities working together to test and scale innovations that improve student success and eliminate disparity in outcomes.  Since their launch in 2014, the UIA campuses have collaboratively transformed their campuses (increasing the number low-income degrees awarded by 45% annually and increasing the number of graduates of color by 85% annually), and galvanized sector change through their public diffusion work. 

Featured in the documentary "Unlikely", the UIA shares learning, playbooks and insights designed to equip other institutions with the tools they need to succeed while inspiring the formation of other networks aimed at improving postsecondary students success. UIA campuses joined forces to eliminate disparity in student outcomes across race and income, and we are proud to partner with the Higher Education Equity Network on this collaborative effort to improve outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and people of color. 

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