Paul Quinn College

Paul Quinn College (PQC) has been widely recognized as one of the most innovative small colleges in America. Founded in 1872, by a group of African Methodist Episcopal Church preachers, PQC is a private, four-year, faith-based, liberal arts-inspired Historically Black College. Located in southern Dallas, we proudly educate students of all races and socio-economic classes under the banner of our institutional ethos, WE over Me. Guided by our mission to create servant leaders and agents of change for the global marketplace, we are committed to providing a quality education that addresses the academic, professional, and social development of students. 

By focusing on academic rigor, experiential learning, and entrepreneurship PQC has become a model for urban higher education. As the ninth federally-funded Work College in the nation and the creator of the Urban Work College Model. All PQC residential students are required to work 12-15 hours per week and maintain a full academic course load. As a Work College, PQC provides students with the unique opportunity to spend their college career gaining real world work experience and graduate with less than $12,000 in student loan debt.

The Urban Work College model not only makes PQC a unique post-secondary institution, but it is also of material importance for our students given that every year 80 - 85 percent of them are eligible for Pell Grants. Additionally, because our students come from families where long-term unemployment and under-employment is prevalent, our work program provides them with the type of internship experience that they have historically been denied.

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