HCM Strategists

HCM Strategists is an impact-driven consulting firm that believes in the transformative power of education and work-based learning to improve social and economic mobility for communities that have been marginalized or historically underserved. Our work delivers a consequential impact on the national narrative, policy options and leaders responsible for change. Our team – made up of seasoned policy experts and former government cabinet members, educators, and non-profit leaders – shares a fundamental and important desire: to contribute to meaningful and equitable change for communities who are underserved by our education systems. With decades of experience and our diverse backgrounds, we work to bridge the gap between public policies and the people they affect. Our women-founded and women-led firm has, since 2008, coalesced around these goals, aligning with colleagues with diverse backgrounds who share years of expertise in K-12 education, postsecondary education, and work and learning. Our founding partners Terrell Halaska Dunn and Kristin Hultquist are honored to share their mission with the finest, most experienced minds in public policy, advocacy and institutional practice. HCM works tirelessly to improve equitable education outcomes throughout the country by aligning with organizations and advocating for clients who share our vision of equity and fair access and outcomes in education. Like the Higher Ed Equity Network, we believe that higher education is a launching pad that dramatically improves the economic and social mobility of our communities.

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